Snorkelling Rottnest mini break… Pack a weekender, jump on a boat and head on out to the waiting shores of Rotto, strip down to your bathers and wash off the city in the salty sea.

Rottnest offers a spur-of-the-moment weekend escape from the bright lights of Perth. With some of the best snorkelling and swimming spots in Western Australia. Rotto not only has friendly quokka’s, it’s also home to vast marine sea life, making it a perfect destination for a summer holiday.

3 Best Spots to Snorkel & Swim

Soak in the sunshine on a hot summers day as you float lazily over limestone reefs, discovering an underwater ecosystem diverse with fish and marine animals including fur seals, dolphins and stingrays.

Here’s three spots we recommend exploring with a snorkel, mask and fins.

Are you an Early Morning Person?

Little Salmon Bay offers a great morning snorkel before the cool sea breeze blows in, commonly referred to by the locals as the ‘Freo Doctor‘. The clear, calm water of the bay offer a great place for less confident snorkelers. A snorkel trail offers 10 plaques that can be found and followed underwater. The beach is also great for simply lapping up the salty sea on a hot summers day. The bus stops here so no need to climb onto a bike if you’re feeling relaxed.

Snorkelling Rottnest

Explore the underwater world of Rotto

Looking for a Snorkel Adventure?

Take a snorkel along the Parker Point Snorkel Trail, marked by 12 plaques along the sea bed. This 2km snorkel trail offers a view of an underwater playground with fish, coral and limestone rocks. Make the most of the trail and experience it with family or friends. This adventure is classed as moderate level and suited to an experienced snorkeler.

Snorkelling with a ‘Shark‘?

Well… Not exactly that kind of Shark. We mean ‘Shark‘ the hopper barge that broke loose due to bad swell conditions in 1939 and washed ashore at Henrietta Rocks.Shark‘ offers a home for native sea life and a shipwreck snorkel destination for swimmers to enjoy on a calm water day. The shipwreck lies in around 4 meters of water and can be spotted from the shore. Suited to confident swimmers and snorkelers. Prefer not to swim with ‘Shark‘? No worries, take the trail to Lookout Hill for a birds eye view of the shipwreck.

Snorkelling Rotto? Yes please!

Next time you’re thinking of a mini break with family or friends, think Rottnest… The local’s playground. For many years Perth people have been visiting this cute Island, making childhood memories, each generation passing on the experience to their own children. Are you ready to join them, leaving behind the city and skipping across to pristine beaches, friendly wildlife and Island sunsets?

Explore the Reef

Rottnest has a rich sea life environment

Wanting to discover more Rottnest trails and guides? The Trails WA website has all the Rottnest above ground and bellow water trails. These Snorkelling photos were kindly provided by Rottnest Island Authority … Check out their website as it’s a great place to find Rottnest information.

Like to read more? Visit Explore Rottnest for more information and tips.

Snorkelling FAQs

Top 3 Rottnest Snorkelling Destinations

Our 3 top Rottnest Snorkelling locations are: #1 Little Salmon Bay snorkel trail, #2 Parker Point snorkel trail & #3 ‘Shark’ shipwreck.

What do I need to go snorkelling on Rottnest?

We recommend a snorkel and mask set, a set of fins or flippers and a rash-shirt or wetsuit. A pair of booties and gloves can be handy but not necessary. Snorkel sets can be hired on the Island.

How much does it cost to go snorkelling at Rottnest?

Snorkelling is FREE on Rottnest Island once you arrive. However, there are guided tours available at reasonable prices.