We are located at North Thomson bay on Rottnest Island. We are right next to the main Jetty. Come down and pickup your Aquaplay hire equipment and book Seabike tours.

Wondering how to get to Thomson Bay?

Thomsons is located close to the main ferry drop off and pickup point, shops, restaurants and bike hire. To get around on Rottnest Island people walk or ride bikes, as bikes are only allowed on Rottnest (except for service cars & busses). This makes the Island a great place for kids, big and little, to practice and show off riding skills.

Location of Aquaplay

Thomsons location makes for a great place to grab some lunch and have a swim. Public toilet facilities are close by and bike tracks make getting to Thomsons easy and accessible.

You’ll find us on North Thomson Bay with Aquaplay hire equipment and Aquaplay Tours.


Visit Thomson Bay at Rottnest

What Make Thomsons so Perfect

Thomsons offers an ideal cove with white sandy shores. With a smaller Jetty, wheelchair beach accessibility and a gentle ocean, Thomsons is perfect for young families who wish to explore the limestone cliffs and some interesting rock formations. Hire a SUP board, hire a Pedal board or book a guided Seabike Tour and make the most of this sheltered bay. On the occasionally windy day we also have kids kites for hire! Enjoy all seasons at this Rotto beach.

Things to Do at Thomsons

Looking for things to do close to Thomson Bay? Here’s a list of five things to do.

  • Enjoy the 4.5km walk around the colonial buildings of Thomson Bay. The walk offers information about the first Australians and colonial buildings of the settlement area.
  • Take a Selfie… With a Quokka! The main settlement near Thomsons has friendly Quokkas just waiting to take a selfie with you!
  • Locate some military history! Rottnest Island was an important place during WWI and WWII. Historic remains can be seen throughout the Island.
  • Spot a stingray! Thomsons is home to stringrays that can be seen cruising along the shores.
  • Become a twitcher! Spot the sacred Kingfisher which likes to make its nest by excavating a burrow in tree branches and can be spotted along with the Australian Pelican hanging out around Thomson Bay.

Quokka on Rotto

Take a Selfie with a Quokka