Let’s Go & Fly a Kite!

Price: $10 per hour | Location: North Thomson Bay next to the Ferry Jetty.

A colourful kite soaring gracefully overhead is a lovely sight and a great activity for the whole family. Aquaplay has a range of easy to fly kites available for hire.

Head outside with the family, run along North Thomsons beach, barefoot and with the wind blowing through your hair…. Flying a kite! There’s something so satisfying to children as they watch a kite get picked up into the sky like magic, holding on only by the string in their hands. A great way to spend a few hours on a windy day in Rottnest.

Flying Kites at Rotto

Hire kites for windy days

Hire Includes

  • Kite
  • Safety Brief

Kite Features

  • Robust & Light
  • Long Lead
  • Colourful & Bright

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