Looking for something on our site but can’t quite find the information you need? Maybe the answer is covered in our Frequently Asked Questions!

When is Aquaplay Rottnest open?

Aquaplay is open for business 7 days a week (excluding New Years Day) from 9.30 – 4.30

Where is Aquaplay Rottnest Island located?

Rottnest Island of course! As you disembark from the ferry, onto the main jetty, follow the jetty all the way towards the beach. No look to your right, along the beach (called Thomson Beach). You’ll see our bright marquee, as well as our Waterbikes and other hire equipment not far along, well before you see the other smaller jetty. Need a map … we have one of those on our contact page 🙂

Can I book a tour or hire equipment online?

Yes! This is the preferred way to make a booking for our Waterbike Adventure Tour or to hire our fun water based equipment. Simply visit the booking page OR click the “Book Now” link in the main menu at the top of every page, or via the slide out menu on mobile devices.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we can certainly offer private tours. Please give us a call on 0402 324 758 to discuss your requirements.

Do you take cash payments for tours or hire equipment?

Aquaplay can take payment on the spot with card or cash, however online bookings are preferred

Is your Waterbike Adventure Tour safe?

Yes! The 75 minute (approx) Waterbike Adventure Tour is very safe. Waterbikes are super stable and won’t tip over. Due to height requirements to actually power the water craft, we do have a minimum age limit of 10 years though.

Can I leave my kids with you to play on the inflatable jet skis while I relax/get a drink/go fishing/go shopping etc?
Kids Club bookings only are allowed to be left in the care of our experienced staff.

Otherwise, unfortunatley no. Although we are geared up to provide fun and exciting experiences for kids (and adults), we are not a child minding service! We do require you to be present with your children while undertaking any of our activities. After all, you’re on holidays with your kids … we offer family friendly and FUN experiences while you are here … enjoy it 🙂

Can we bring our own Waterbike/Pedal Board/SUP/Inflatable Jet Ski/Kite?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to BYO equipment and use it in North Thomson Bay. Feel free to use your gear at other designated parts of the island though. Sorry 🙂

Still can’t find an answer?

Not finding what you need? Please let us know and we’ll do our best to help out.

If you think we should have some specific information on the site, or you have suggestions for other FAQs to add, please email us at hello@aquaplayrottnest.com.au 🙂